New Collaboration Enhances Supply Chain Safety

A joint collaborative between Acsis Inc., Cognex Corporation, Nosco, and Omega Design called “4 Serialization" is designed to help manufacturers, wholesale distributors and contract producers within the pharmaceutical and bio-tech industries implement product serialization and visibility throughout the supply chain to ensure patient safety and prevent counterfeiting. The ability to integrate a solution that is flexible enough to accommodate serialized and non-serialized products during a phased rollout can seem daunting to any organization.
The companies involved in “4 Serialization” are leaders in the application of serialization and ePedigree, having worked and demonstrated success with the mandates for more than five years. The collaborative mission is to help organizations reach compliance and avoid the common pitfalls that can occur during implementation. The participating partners have a deep understanding of what is needed to be successful and support GS1 standards which ensure global traceability and visibility throughout the supply chain.

“The ePedigree mandates put forth will undoubtedly cause undo stress to the pharmaceutical and bio-tech organizations tasked with meeting these requirements,” said Gene Eubanks, president and CEO of Acsis, Inc. “We formed ‘4 Serialization’ to minimize this burden based on our combined years of experience, best practices and industry know-how. Acsis is proud to be associated with the ‘4 Serialization’ group of solution partners and are prepared to assist any organization in meeting their global serialization and ePedigree challenges.”

By working with the “4 Serialization” team, customers can achieve compliance with the approaching ePedigree and serialization mandates by working with solution partners who know the industry and its requirements; build a solution that is flexible enough to meet specific individual needs; learn from leaders in the industry who will help to meet serialization requirements while collecting the data necessary to build and benchmark ROI; engineer packaging with pre-serialized 2D and RFID solutions and launch structured pilot programs and production scale-ups; maximize results without affecting machine speeds and accuracy; and gain valuable information about current global standards, pilot programs, ways to support both serialized and non-serialized lines in one location and find the best solution for each organization.

The “4 Serialization” team has been cross-trained on all solution components, works on common issues such as serial number structures and will provide educational workshops and webinars to the industry. It will offer clients an enterprise strategy for compliance that can combine 2D and RFID-enabled printed packaging, packaging execution systems, distribution execution systems and ePedigree solutions that can integrate into existing ERP and enterprise applications.

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