Neopac's Fleximed Wins ETMA Award

At the European Tube Manufacturers Association's (ETMA) May conference in Brussels Neopac was recognized for Fleximed, a range of transparent, flexible, medical tubes that can be used as alternatives to glass for parenteral packaging.  Neopac received the “Tube of the Year 2012“ in the “Prototype” category.

Neopac states that Fleximed tubes offer benefits in terms of ease, reliability, and safety of medical administration. “We are very pleased that we have been awarded for this unique tube, which creates a new standard in parenteral packaging," said Martina Christiansen, Head of Marketing and Sales Pharma, in a press release.

Fleximed Luerlock, fitted with a male Luer Lock, eliminates the need for syringes to release medication from the vial, the company reports. By removing the seal, clinicians can dispense the medicinal product directly from the medical tube into the catheter or IV bag. And when using Fleximed Vial, they can connect the tube directly to a syringe.

Neopac has also developed Fleximed Easymix, a tube with two or more chambers to mix different components (dry/liquid or liquid/liquid).


Fleximed tubes feature tungsten-free primary packaging materials made specifically for the pharmaceutical industry and are lined with a high-barrier transparent laminate. They can be be sterilized using radiation and are produced in Switzerland under fully qualified cleanroom conditions.

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