Needle System Designed to Reduce Injury

West (Lionville, PA) has created a passive safety needle system called NovaGuard to work with Luer Lock syringes. It aims to reduce accidental needlestick injuries, and is 510(k)-cleared by FDA.

The system comprises a plastic shield that surrounds a needle prior to injection. The needle tip remains exposed for site orientation, and when pressed to a patient’s skin for administration the shield is activated. When the needle is removed, the shield extends forward and locks in place to cover the needle.

The difference between this system and other needle safety protocols, according to the company, is that administration methods can remain standard. No extra steps are needed to activate the safety feature.

The system was designed after West conducted field tests with nurses. The resulting benefits to healthcare professional include improved OSHA compliance and estimated ease-of-use and needlestick reduction.

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