NACD 2012 Hall of Fame Inductee Dave Spence Announced

The National Association of Container Distributors (NACD) has inducted Dave Spence, Former President & CEO of Alpha Packaging Inc., into the NACD 2012 Hall of Fame. Spence was honored during the NACD 2012 Annual Convention, which took place April 24-28 at the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, FL, NACD reported in a press release.

Spence acquired Alpha in 1985 when the company specialized in extrusion blow molding of HDPE bottles for pharmaceuticals, making about 35,000 bottles a day. It also made niche products including blow molded wheels for barbecue pits and gym rings for outdoor swing sets. Spence set out to invest in new technologies, purchasing in 1989 its first injection blow molding machine. In 1989, he received a Certificate of Special Recognition from the U.S. Small Business Administration for positive contributions to the national and Missouri economies.

In 1992, Alpha moved to a more modern building to further serve the pharmaceutical and vitamin industries, and in 1997 bought two Aoki stretch blow molding machines and ten molds to get into the PET packer market. Fifteen years later, Alpha now owns 60 Aoki machines and produces over 400 million PET packers a year.

In 2001, Alpha relocated to its current headquarters, an existing factory that was renovated and expanded to a 211,000 square-foot factory and warehouse. In 2004, Alpha opened a factory in Salt Lake City, to further serve the nutritional market on the West Coast.

In 2005, Spence sold a stake in the company to private equity firm Stonebridge Partners, but he and his existing management team retained their roles in Alpha’s day-to-day operations. That same year, Alpha was recognized with an Award of Excellence from the NACD for its consistent leadership, communication, product and support staff, and marketing.

Today, Alpha produces more than 2 million bottles per day and employs nearly 800 people. In December 2011, after leading Alpha to a record sales figure of $189 million, Spence resigned as President and CEO of Alpha Packaging to seek the Republican nomination for Governor of the State of Missouri.

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