MWV Healthcare Expands Line of Preservative Free Pumps

MeadWestvaco Corp. announces the availability of its Preservative Free Pump Topical for sampling. This product, specifically engineered for topical applications, is the most recent innovation in its portfolio of preservative free pharmaceutical spray pumps. The new pump is being featured at Pharmapack 2011, in Paris, France, from February 23-24.

In addition, the company announced that their Germany manufacturing facility, where the PFP range of products is manufactured, has been awarded certification according to DIN ISO 15378:2007 for development, manufacturing, and distribution of spray systems for pharmaceutical products, which is based on the internationally recognized standard ISO 9001:2000. The PFP product range was developed by MWV to meet demand for innovative pharmaceutical delivery systems that protect preservative free medicines from contamination. The system is a combination of a formulation without chemical preservatives, a pump system which filters or blocks the returning air, and an actuator that prevents bacterial ingress into the dispenser.

The 5-fold mechanical protection system assures germ-free pump dosing to the patient. It includes a non-return valve next to the orifice bore, and a second non-return valve in the metering chamber; and features a filter element for contamination-free ventilation of the container, a locked actuator, and a sealed air path during storage. The PFP T is designed to deliver volumes ranging from 0.05mL to 0.14mL. Upside down and tamper-evident features are available with the PFP T product.

“Our proprietary research study of patients, physicians and pharmacists showed that when offered a choice, patients and healthcare professionals prefer a preservative free formulation,” says Chris Hall, vice president and managing director, Medical Plastics Division, MWV Healthcare. “We are expanding the range of preservative free pumps to meet consumer demand for preservative-free formulations. The PFP T technology brings many advantages to topical products. And, this technology does more than protect preservative free medicines from contamination. It is also suitable for use with other topical or dermal products where protecting the formulation and maintaining sterility is important, and necessary.”

PFP T has undergone rigorous microbiological challenge testing to ensure the medication is fully protected from contamination, and to ensure product integrity through usage. As part of its continued commitment to quality manufacturing of pharmaceutical packaging solutions, the MWV manufacturing facility in Hemer, Germany, has received a new ISO certification.

“In gaining the ISO 15378 certification, MWV has demonstrated our commitment to developing innovative and differentiating delivery systems, and also to ensuring they are manufactured to the highest possible pharmaceutical quality standards,” says Sven-Uwe Höhm, vice president and general manager, Medical Plastic Division, MWV Healthcare.

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