Multivac Celebrates an Early Christmas

More than 40 Multivac (Kansas City, MO) employees and family members took part in this year’s “Christmas in October” event on October 10. Founded in 1984, “Christmas in October” recruits volunteers to help fix and repair homes for the elderly, disabled, and other homeowners who lack the financial resources and skills to make necessary home repairs.

“The Multivac team is one that is well qualified to help an organization like “Christmas in October,” notes Multivac President and CEO Jan Erik Kuhlmann. “We have a generous group of dedicated and technically gifted people. So, we all decided this would be a great cause for us to support this year.”

The team from Multivac arrived at the appointed home early Saturday morning and spent the day pruning trees, clearing brush, weeding, and removing trash, while also rebuilding a porch roof and carport with materials donated by the company.

“The ‘Christmas in October’ project was a tremendous opportunity for our employees to do something good for the community while also spending a day getting to know each other better as people and as friends,” says Kuhlmann.  “In these economically challenging times it is amazing the difference one day of volunteer work can make in someone’s life, and we were happy to be part of it.”

“Without our volunteers, Christmas in October could not be possible,” said Dick Miller, a co-founder of Kansas City’s Christmas in October organization. “We have our own hometown heroes among us.  The volunteers work tirelessly each year to help others who cannot help themselves. We appreciate everything they do to make the Kansas City area such an incredibly caring and giving community.”

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