Multisorb Technologies to Display Active Packaging Solutions at Pharmapack Europe

Multisorb Technologies will highlight its active packaging solutions at the upcoming Pharmapack Europe in Paris held February 12-13, 2014. The solutions will include oxygen absorbers, moisture management solutions, desiccants, and volatile adsorbers.

Multisorb offers technologies in "Drop-In, Fit-In, and Built-In" platforms available in customized standard or IntelliSorb Intelligent Sorbent Formulations.

Drop-In products can be placed directly in product packaging; they include StripPax Sorbent and Desiccant Packets and StabilOx Oxygen Absorbing Packets. These solutions pair the respective packet with its corresponding dispenser in order to leverage the advantages of using identical manufacturing and inspection technology, the company reports in a press release.

For instance, Multisorb will showcase the StripPax System with the APA-2000 StripPax Dispenser with a bottling line interface. Multisorb reports that the APA-2000 StripPax Dispenser is able to keep up with the fastest packaging line speeds, given its dispensing rates of up to 300 packets per minute.

Fit-In solutions include Multiform CSF Coated Solid Form Sorbents, which can be shaped to fit packages.

Built-In solutions feature PolySorb Sorbent Components for transforming an ordinary internal product component into a desiccant. Multisorb will incorporate desiccant properties directly into a product’s thermoplastic component, allowing it to adsorb moisture from the product’s hermetically sealed interior space, the company reports.

Multisorb offers its Calculations through Operations program for developing an optimized sorbent solution along with its corresponding dispenser when required.

For more details, visit Booth 302 at Pharmapack Europe and Multisorb's Web site.

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