Multisorb to Exhibit at Plasto Ispack in Tel Aviv

Multisorb Technologies has announced it will be exhibiting at Plasto Ispack in Tel Aviv, Israel, October 16-18, 2012. Plasto Ispack is one of the top exhibitions in the field, bringing together the latest innovations in the plastics, rubber, and packaging industries.

Multisorb, the leading global provider of active packaging technologies, will be exhibiting its full line of sorbent technologies, including desiccants, moisture-regulating sorbents, oxygen absorbers, odor absorbers, and volatile and other gas absorbers.

Multisorb offers packaging professionals a single-source solution in the selection of sorbents for product packaging and their use in automated packaging operations. Using its Calculations through Operations® program, Multisorb combines a custom formulated sorbent (for moisture control or management, oxygen absorption, or volatile adsorption) with a corresponding Multisorb APA-series dispenser.

The Calculations component engages Multisorb’s technical team to evaluate your product needs. For healthcare products, they can predict your drug’s stability outcome using SimulOx™ and SimulSorb™ pseudo-empirical modeling software. For other applications, they can predict your product’s shelf or service life using product and packaging data. This allows them to incorporate an optimized sorbent solution specifically designed for your product.

The Operations component offers precise, accurate, and efficient dispensing of the sorbent from its corresponding dispenser, creating a unique system with unrivaled reliability. StripPax® System, StabilOx® System, FreshPax® System, and MAPLOX™ program dispensers are available in low-, mid-, and high-speed configurations with a variety of options to suit your packaging needs. Because the dispensers are designed to run Multisorb’s sorbents exclusively, compatibility and reliability are guaranteed. All of the fully automated dispensers can be completely integrated into virtually all packaging lines.

To further support your quality control system, the APA-series of dispensers are designed with smart dispensing technology to transmit packet data, including date of manufacture, lot number, spool number, and packet count, from each spool of sorbent to the dispenser. Additionally, most dispensers are equipped with an alarm to notify operators when the spool is about to run out or, if a splicing station is used, when a splice is needed for continued operation. More detailed information, including dispenser speeds and available options, is available at Multisorb’s booth.

Multisorb will be displaying two sorbent dispensers: the FreshPax® CR APA-300 tabletop manual dispenser and the fully automated StripPax® APA-2000 dispenser with a bottling interface.

Visit Multisorb at Exhibition Gardens in Tel Aviv, booth 19, to learn of its full line of sorbent solutions and find out which might be right for your product.



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