MOCON Reaches New Heights

MOCON Inc. has recently installed oxygen and water vapor permeation testing units in a Lhasa, Tibet, pharmaceutical testing laboratory. Representing MOCON’s highest altitude installation, the lab is located at 11,450 feet (3490 meters) above sea-level.  The units will be used to measure package permeation for traditional Tibetan herbal remedies and conventional pharmaceuticals, MOCON reports in a press release.
The Lhasa laboratory will be using a MOCON OX-TRAN 2/21 ML and a PERMATRAN-W Model 3/33 MG Plus unit. Both units have been engineered to test permeation of either flat materials or finished packages of devices such as vials, pouches, bottles, blister cavities and syringes.  However, in Lhasa, the units primarily will be used for high barrier testing of packaging structures with either aluminum foil or metalized layers.
The OX-TRAN 2/21 system also features barometric pressure compensation, which “normalizes” the test results to sea level to ensure uniform test results worldwide, regardless of altitude or weather conditions, MOCON reports. The OX-TRAN 2/21 also uses a patented coulometric sensor (COULOX) to detect oxygen transmission. It provides parts-per-billion sensitivity even in the presence of water vapor.
The newly-launched PERMATRAN-W Model MG 3/33 Plus, water-vapor transmission rate unit, offers automatic relative humidity (RH) capability via cutting-edge engineering.  The “easy-to-use” new software interface enables the instrument to quickly and simply achieve accurate and precise relative humidity conditions. Precise results are critical to understanding how barriers will perform in real-world conditions. 
In 2007, MOCON established an office, laboratory, and service center in Shanghai to help provide leading-edge permeation technology for growing economies in the Asia-Pacific region.  Additionally, MOCON is supported in the region by its agent, Danbell Equipment Company Lte., Beijing

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