MOCON Certifying Testing Labs

MOCON Inc. is establishing a global network of MOCON-certified permeation testing laboratories to provide independent material and package performance verification, regardless of location. The company has been forging laboratory partnerships in key industrial regions around the world and currently has certified seven laboratories in North America, Europe, and Asia, it reported in a press release. Its objective is to offer affordable permeation testing services around the world at laboratories that have been certified by the company.

The MOCON-certified laboratory network targets a broad range of companies ranging from multinational corporations, which would benefit from a local facility capable of duplicating gold standard testing protocols, to smaller firms which may only have need for a few validation tests per year, the company reports. Certification entails having a MOCON-factory authorized service technician install, inspect, and maintain instrumentation and training laboratory staff on MOCON corporate test lab methods/protocols and record keeping to ensure quality and equivalency.

“MOCON certification assures that companies using any one of these facilities will get the same level of service and quality they would find at any other MOCON-certified location anywhere in the world,” said Alan Shema, product manager for consulting and testing services, MOCON, in a press release. “This is ideal for multinational companies which can now be assured that their materials or packages are tested using identical standards and protocols on three different continents.”

The company is also introducing the MOCON Data Check 4 program, which offers periodic permeation testing services for an annual flat rate. “This program offers a third-party quality control measure ideal for either small or large companies. The Data Check 4 provides a simple, affordable way for the material or package end user to verify supplier or internally-generated test data, as well as package performance parameters via an independent third party,” Shema explained in the press release.

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