MOCON Announces Initiative in Europe to Support Testing, Material Selection

MOCON Inc. is announcing a new European healthcare market initiative to help pharmaceutical, medical device, life science, and related companies improve package material selection and testing process. Led by Peter Schlösser, newly appointed European business development manager—healthcare, the initiative includes offering MOCON’s large arsenal of instrumentation and related testing services.

“The healthcare market is growing globally and manufacturers keep pushing the envelope. As a result, they can often find themselves developing products and evaluating packaging structures for which they have no prior experience. With instrumentation installations and lab services in more than 75 countries on six continents, MOCON has extensive knowledge which can help shorten manufacturers’ learning curve,” said Ed Emerson, business development manager for pharma and medical, MOCON, in a press release.

Package testing and analysis include shelf-life, sterile barrier, leak, gas permeation, water vapor transmission, modified atmosphere, coefficient of friction, aerobic bacteria, headspace, pressure/vacuum, heat seal, environmental conditioning (humidity, pressure, temperature, altitude), aroma, flavor, and odor. Customers can conduct testing in their own facilities using MOCON equipment or at an off-site, MOCON-certified lab, depending on their preference and testing requirements.

“We recognize that there are many new technologies that are bombarding European healthcare product manufacturers. Some simply don’t have the internal resources to commercialize these products in a safe, cost-effective and performance-oriented manner. MOCON’s advanced consulting services can help fill that void,” Schlösser said in the release.

Schlösser is based in the company’s Neuwied, Germany, facility but will be supported by MOCON’s worldwide laboratory, instrumentation and sales network.

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