Minnesota Thermal Science Up-Sizes To Pallet Shipper

Minnesota Thermal Science (Minneapolis) has expanded its Credo line of thermal shipping containers with the launch of the Credo XTREME pallet shipper.

Featuring reusability, a flexible loading process, and a standard pallet size, the fully passive system combines MTS’s Golden Hour Technology and Thermal Isolation Chamber (TIC) system. The shipper allows customers currently using 18x18 inch Credo Cube TIC panels to interchange inventoried panels with those used in the pallet shipper.
Providing 120-plus hours thermal performance, the unit is offered in full (48x40x52) and half (48x40x30) payload sizes. Within the unit, the payload is surrounded by phase change material that remains at a constant temperature through the shipment duration. TIC panels are held in the insulator wall, and replaceable vacuum insulated panels are also incorporated.
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