Matrix Now Offers Stickpack Machines with Both Laser Scoring and Marking Capabilities Combined

Laser scoring ensures a picture-perfect opening for the stickpack. Using a combined system of laser scoring and marking lowers operating costs through savings in consumables, as compared to continuous inkjet printing, and improves the overall appearance and consumer friendliness of the stick pack.

At EastPack June 10-12, Matrix Packaging Machinery, a Pro Mach company, will be demonstrating the Inever BY300 multilane stickpack machine for powders, granules, solids, liquids, and pastes. The CO2 laser-based system both scores and marks stickpacks, with the score line straight across the stickpack. According to Matrix, laser scored stickpacks consistently produce a precise tear, in contrast to mechanical notching that often results in a crooked tear line. With the laser-scoring, the outermost layer of film breaks without damaging the inner layer.

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Laser marking also offers its benefits, which according to Matrix include low lifecycle cost compared to continuous inkjet; well-defined and precisely placed images; flexibility in terms of style of text, graphics, photos, and bar codes; and no need for solvents.

“The combined marking and scoring laser-based system deliver high value to customers in terms of expanded capabilities,” said Marc Willden, Vice President and General Manager, Matrix, in a press release. “An easier to open package with a professional straight-line tear also improves the consumer’s experience with the package.”

Suited for low-to-medium production of quality stickpack seals, the machine produces ranges from 150 stickpacks per minute for a three-lane operation to 350 per minute with seven lanes. Widths range from 1.8 in. for a three-lane operation to 0.67 in. for seven lanes. Lengths range from 1.18 in. to 8 in.

Ink-jet or thermal printing and embossed coding for variable data can be added.

The BY300 features PLC control, brushless servo motors, and a touch screen HMI.

Available options include:

• Dust aspiration for powders
• Collating/counting conveyors for cartoning
• Integrated top load or end load cartoning
• Mechanical cam drive

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