Light-Weight Pallet System Offers Approach for Offsetting Carbon Footprint

Axios Mobile Assets Corp. has gained approval from VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) for the adoption of the industry’s first Light Weight Pallet Methodology to track and retire carbon units. According to Axios, companies can employ this methodology to earn carbon credits to offset carbon footprints as they transport goods throughout the supply chain. Axios reports that it is the first, and only, company in the world to receive VCS approval for this methodology within the Transport Energy Efficiency from Lightweight Pallets category.

Axios provides users 2800-lb edge rackable, heavy duty, multi-trip composite pallets along with enterprise-level track-and-trace cloud-based solution software. The approach allows for operational cost savings and accountability for shipments, alleviating concerns for theft and counterfeiting of high value goods, the company reports.

“This is truly a game-changing development for manufacturers and retailers that adopt the Axios solution into their logistics network and supply chain as it enables a major breakthrough to reduce their overall logistics costs,” said Rich MacDonald, Axios President and CEO, in a press release.

“This new methodology perfectly illustrates how carbon finance can be an engine that helps businesses modernize their existing assets, while simultaneously reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” added VCS Chief Executive Officer David Antonioli in the release. “It also demonstrates how carbon finance can make supply chains greener, and given there are huge opportunities for emission reductions in the shipping industry generally, this methodology should serve as an exciting starting point for those business leaders interested in improving both their bottom line and the environment.”

The Axios-developed methodology was written in conjunction and collaboration with PE International and Five Winds Consulting and vetted and validated over a two-year period through First Environment and Bureau Veritas. The VCS has approved the methodology for global use.

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