Klöckner Pentaplast Puts Added Shrink-Label Films Capacity to Work

The Klöckner Pentaplast Group has announced that it has begun production using its new global production capacity for transverse-direction oriented shrink label films, used primarily for full- or partial-body shrink-sleeve applications.

Part of kp’s global capacity expansion for shrink-label film, the new capacity is located at the company’s Rural Retreat manufacturing facility. Klöckner Pentaplast is the only PETG and PVC producer of shrink-label films with global manufacturing in the Americas, Asia, and Europe, the company reported in a press release.

The new tentering line produces high-performance PETG and PVC shrink-label films and has added significant shrink-film capacity to the company’s existing global production. Pentalabel shrink films are available in a complete range of films specifically designed for full-body or partial shrink-sleeve labels, roll-sleeve labels, promotion packs/multi-packs, tamper-evident closures, capsules (wine caps), and pressure-sensitive labels. Pentalabel films offer gauge control, lay-flat properties, ink adhesion, and seaming ability. These films are typically printed for highly decorated labels that provide food and consumer products with 360-degree graphics.

“This expansion enables us to continue to support our customers’ growing global demand for high-quality packaging films, especially in the United States. Continuing to supply the global marketplace with a broad film portfolio produced utilizing the most advanced production technology allows international converters and brand companies to source identical high-quality films across all regions and further enhances product development capabilities,” stated Michael Tubridy, president and COO, Klöckner
Pentaplast/Americas, in the press release.

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