Keystone Offers Ecoslide-RX Pack In Smart Pack Format

Keystone Folding Box Co. has launched a new version of Ecoslide-RX format with integrated Med-ic technology from Information Mediary Corp. (IMC), providing a “smart” blister package that creates a detailed electronic record of a patient’s dosing history.
Med-ic incorporates an electronic module and printed sensor grid inside the package that are hidden to the patient. The technology records the time, date, and location when a dose is removed from the blister. The data can be retrieved wirelessly, and can be read remotely using a smart phone enabled with near field communication technology.
“Interest in ‘smart packaging’ has lightened up over the past few years, but we are now seeing renewed level of interest, particularly for clinical trials. Electronic compliance monitoring offers improved quality of data related to patient dosing history compared to paper diaries,” says Ward Smith, director of marketing, Keystone Folding Box Co. (
The Ecoslide -RX pack, adopted by Walmart for it $4 prescription drug program, features a push-through blister card that remains attached to an outer carton with a child resistant (CR) release and locking mechanism. In the design with IMC, the blister is captured inside of a heat seal card, with the Med-ic technology embedded inside of the paper board.
Push through access of the tablets remains the same, with the same CR function provided by the carton into which the carded blister is inserted. The carton erects and glues the same way and is loaded the same way as a commercial version of the package, Ward says.
Keystone also offers the Med-ic technology in its senior-friendly and CR Key-Pak wallet-style blister card. One study used over 35,000 Key-Paks with integrated Med-ic technology, sponsored by the Institutes of Health. “The product worked flawlessly; we had zero defects in the field and all required data was retrieved,” Ward says.
In a press release, Michael Petersen, chief operating officer, IMC ( commented: “While Med-ic smart blisters can be found in a range of pharmaceutical blister cards, the combination of Med-ic smart blister technology and the industry’s leading compliance packaging format allows pharmacy chains, brand managers, and clinical trial groups easy access to the best of both worlds in one smart, eco-friendly design.”
Keystone will be demonstrating the format at Pharmapack NA in Philadelphia, June 18-19, Booth 420.
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