Key International Offering Anticounterfeiting Technology

As the U.S. representative for Tri-Star Technologies and CertiRx, Key International is offering their technologies for detecting counterfeit pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and more. Tri-Star Technologies provides a cold laser marking system that can mark individual tablets, capsules, soft gels, or other pharmaceutical products. The indelible mark reportedly does not adversely affect the product. Patients can then obtain information about the marked individual tablets or capsules by using the CertiRx app with a cell phone by taking a picture of the dosage form.

“This new line of anti-counterfeiting equipment compliments Key International’s extensive line of pharmaceutical processing and packaging equipment already in the marketplace," stated Key International CEO Valerie Ianieri in a press release. "Key International is dedicated to advancing new technologies and partnering with companies such as Tri-Star Technologies and CertiRx to help our pharmaceutical customers help their patients.”

According to the release, each unique mark can include an identifier alphanumeric lot number, expiry date, or any other relevant information recorded in a database. Marked tablets are inserted into marked bottles, then packages, cases, and so on, with complete traceability from skid, case, package, bottle all the way back to each tablet; all data are stored in a secured data system. "If at any time during transit, storage, warehousing, or distribution, a skid, carton, or bottle of product is compromised, that part of the supply chain can link with the secured data system and enter the mark for the compromised material," the release reads. "The system records the problem and rejects the product."

Once products have been distributed to patients, they can use the CertiRx app to ensure authenticity of the drug. The app can check a scanned picture of a tablet and respond whether the drug is correct, counterfeit, expired, or recalled. Key International has partnered with international machine manufacturers to offer tablet presses, capsule fillers, tablet counters, automatic coating machines, CORA butterfly valves, high shear mixers and granulators, pharmaceutical containment systems and isolators for R&D and manufacturing, horizontal pouch fillers, and blister packaging equipment.

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