Interview With Plastic Guide App Creator Ulf Bruder

A new app called Plastic Guide is designed to spread knowledge about plastics. I recently spoke to its creator, Ulf Bruder, about the app and why it should be on the phones and tablets of medical device engineers.

Stephanie Wiseman

Medical Packaging Innovation: Why did you decide to create this app?

Ulf Bruder: I retired a few years ago after working for about 30 years at DuPont Engineering Polymers, including responsibility for the technical training program. After retirement, I started a small training company focused on the Swedish plastic industry and the Swedish technical universities. In connection with this, I wrote a plastic handbook whose title can be translated to User's Guide to Plastics. I got an iPhone and realized that much of the content of the book could be made even more accessible in the form of an app.

IKEM, the Swedish trade organization, sponsored the development of the app, which was first published in May 2012 in Swedish under the name Plastguiden. The app was very well received in the market, and it was therefore natural to make an English sponsor-funded app called Plastic Guide. It was launched in October 2012 and has already been downloaded about 10,000 times to users all over the world.

Medical Packaging Innovation: What do you hope the user will get out of using this app?

Bruder: I have striven to make the app to be a free, user-friendly, easily accessible tool with informative pictures and videos. The information is compiled in a uniform way and saves a lot of time compared to searching for similar information on the Internet.

Medical Packaging Innovation: How can this app benefit the medical device engineer? Is there a specific impact to device packaging?

Bruder: The app is constantly evolving, and during the summer, it has expanded with information on thermoplastic elastomers, a type of material which is used a lot in the medical industry.

Medical Packaging Innovation: Would you like to give the community a way to contact you directly?

Bruder: The user can reach me via the app. In the top right corner of the list view in the app, there is a small i button where you can find information about my company and contact information.

The Plastic Guide app is available for the iPhone and iPad on the iTunes store. It is also available for Android users on Google Play.

Do you use this app currently? Do you have any feedback or questions for Bruder?

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Stephanie Wiseman, Community Editor, UBM


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