Independent Lab Accredited for ISTA’s New Standard Certification

gh Package/Product Testing and Consulting Inc. reported in January that it was the first independent laboratory to be authorized by the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) to test and certify temperature-controlled insulated shipping containers for overnight and two-day shipment.

ISTA Standard 20, which includes ISTA Standard 7E, is described as “the first global method for standardizing the establishment of insulated shipping container performance,” reports Perry Hock, gh Testing. “The standard is based on three years of independently validated data that measured various shipping lanes during different times of the year to create summer and winter profiles.”

After testing and certifying that packaging meets ISTA Standard 20, gh Testing can provide manufacturers with fully illustrated and documented pack-out procedures that can be supplied to regulators. The data specifies parameters of QAT (Qualified Air Temperature). QAT data tables specify air temperature excursions that are “out of range when the product is in range.” These allow acceptance of certain excursions with confidence that the product has not exceeded its thermal specification.

Founded in 1987, gh Testing specializes in testing pharmaceutical packaging, temperature-sensitive packaging, medical device packaging, and packaging up to 8000 lb. gh Testing has been a member of ISTA since 1988 and has been fully authorized to certify non-bulk and intermediate bulk packagings for hazardous materials since 1989. The testing firm previously received ISO 17025 accreditation.

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