Impact Indicators for Medical Device Packaging

One of the most important roles of packaging is to protect the device from the impacts that it may encounter during its journey to the end customer. I came across an interesting product which is an impact indicator that will activate when an impact level exceeds a predetermined level.

Vimal K. Puthiyadath

A Shockwatch impact indicator is a highly-visible indicator mounted on a packaging container, the device visually alerts everyone involved in the package handling process that additional care is required. There are 3 types of ShockWatch impact indicators, a single-use device, a single-use, go/no-go devices that determines if fragile products have been dropped during transit or in storage and a resettable, reusable indicator intended for large crates.

I am thinking of a scenario in which impact indicator may be integrated to the medical device packaging for monitoring the impact encountered by the individual packages that are stacked inside the container. This will give a clear estimate of not only the cumulative impact but also the individual impact. This will be a value add to the medical device packaging. What do you think of this possibility?

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Vimal K. Puthiyadath, Biomedical Electronics Engineer

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