Global Vision Offers New Braille Inspection Technology

Global Vision is offering BraillePoint, a Braille dot measurement tool the company says is superior to scanner and camera-based measurement systems. The company will also introduce at Interphex new text inspection solutions.

BraillePoint uses precision electronic measurement technology to measure dots in their original form as opposed to using a two-dimensional image. The solution can more accurately measure dot heights compared to solutions relying on flat images and dot shadows.
Docu-Proof Enterprise is the first client server text inspection solution on the market, the company says. Docu-Proof Enterprise combines the company’s Docu-Proof text inspection software with centralized user management capabilities for corporate-wide deployment.
In addition, Global Vision will unveil Textract, for inspecting text from scanned, outlined, or printed documents. Textract has the ability to extract text from within a raster file or an image while preserving the page layout, thus supporting automatic inspection of documents that previously had to be inspected manually.
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