Fujifilm's flu drug eyed for quick approval to fight Ebola: report

08/07/2014 04:40:37 PM
Fujifilm's flu drug eyed for quick approval to fight Ebola: report
[Japan Economic Newswire]

Published Date: August 7, 2014 04:32:00 PM EDT

An experimental influenza treatment developed by a unit of Japan's Fujifilm Holdings Corp. may emerge as a candidate to fight the Ebola virus inflicting a deadly toll in West Africa, as U.S. government researchers are working for quick approval of the drug, Bloomberg news service said Thursday.

Fujifilm's U.S. partner MediVector Inc. is in talks with the Food and Drug Administration to submit an application to use the drug, favipiravir, in humans for Ebola, the report said, quoting a spokeswoman of the Department of Defense, which has provided funding to the U.S. company for studies on the agent.

The experimental treatment, developed by Toyama Chemical Co., is in the final stage of approval as a flu treatment in the United States.

Preliminary data from research using Ebola-infected monkeys are expected in mid-September, according to the report.

Toyama Chemical is owned 66 percent by Fujifilm Holdings and the remainder by Taisho Pharmaceutical Holdings Co., according to Toyama Chemical's website.

Fujifilm Holdings is the parent of Fujifilm Corp., a maker of digital cameras, medical and other electronics devices, and Fuji Zerox Co., a major maker of office machines.

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