Foley Hoag’s new health care policy blog – a healthy dose of policy analysis

The recent passage of healthcare reform legislation is by no means the end of the debate over how to overhaul the U.S. healthcare system. Indeed, the real fireworks may just be beginning.

To help industry watchers and participants stay current with the reform bill’s enormous implications across multiple sectors, law firm Foley Hoag has launched a new blog with up-to-date postings on the legal, policy, and regulatory features of the changing healthcare and life sciences landscape.

The Healthcare Law & Policy blog is located here –

The blog surveys news and trends across an array of related topics, including:

• Bioterrorism and medical countermeasures;
• Life Sciences and Intellectual Property;
• The National Institutes of Health;
• Medicare and Medicaid coverage and reimbursement;
• Ongoing legislative/regulatory initiatives;
• Healthcare compliance and investigations;
• Privacy and security in healthcare and life sciences;
• Physician practice and reimbursement issues;
• FDA and other federal enforcement.

Recent postings include an analysis of how healthcare overhaul will affect pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device makers, as well as insurance companies. Another post examines how a new collaboration between the FDA and NIH will streamline the process of transforming inventions into approved medications.

And in another piece, Foley Hoag discusses how companies devising new treatments to counter the effects of a biological attack or a fast-spreading disease complain that the government is neither incentivizing research nor guaranteeing procurement, thereby inhibiting important vaccine development.

The blog also offers links to other key health care web sites, as well as announcements from government agencies and news reports.

Foley Hoag has exceptional policy credentials in health care and life sciences. The firm has been recognized for having one of Washington’s leading legislative-government affairs practice groups on health issues. Among key firm clients is BIO, the Biotech Industry Organization.

Contributors to the new blog include Foley Hoag attorneys Thomas Barker, Jayson Slotnik and Kalah Auchincloss. Mr. Barker is former acting general counsel at the Department of Health & Human Services and a veteran of healthcare legislation and policy matters. Mr. Slotnik previously directed the Medicare-Medicaid Reimbursement program at BIO. Ms. Auchincloss’s practice focuses on food and drug law matters.

Let us know if you’d like further discussion with any of Foley Hoag’s health care specialists.

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