First Insulin Patch Pump Reaches Germany and the UK

Ypsomed has launched the mylife OmniPod in Germany and the United Kingdom. Called the first insulin patch pump, the continuous, tubing-free insulin infusion system secures directly onto the skin with an adhesive. Controlled using the Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM), which also serves as a blood glucose meter, the mylife OmniPod is designed to provide comfort and flexibility to patients with diabetes. The OmniPod system has been available in the United States since 2006.

“With the mylife OmniPod insulin patch pump, Ypsomed is the first provider to bring the very latest technology in insulin treatment to Europe, just six months after announcing the partnership with Insulet Corporation," said Simon Michel, senior vice president of marketing & sales at Ypsomed, in a press release. "We are pleased to enable people with diabetes to enjoy greater comfort and a better quality of life through our products.”

The system does not require an infusion set, and cannula are positioned automatically at the touch of a button. There is no needle visible to the patient. Such automatic insertion allows for consistent cannula placement and error reduction. Alternative pod placement options offer flexibility and can reduce stress on skin and tissue. Breathable and flexible, the small device is discreet and not visible under clothing. Patients can use the pod while swimming and working out.
According to Ypsomed, intensified conventional therapy (ICT) patients who have switched to the mylife OmniPod have improved long-term blood glucose levels (glycaemic control) through continuous insulin supply without interruption.

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