Fentanyl Available in Unit-Dose Spray

Launched this week in the United States, SubSys (fentanyl) sublingual spray employs a customized sublingual Unit-Dose Spray (UDS) device from Aptar Pharma. SubSys is indicated for the treatment of breakthrough cancer pain (BTCP) in opioid-tolerant adult patients who are already routinely taking other opioid pain medicines around-the-clock for cancer pain.

INSYS Therapeutics Inc., the specialty pharmaceutical company behind SubSys, reports that the new product is the first ever unit-dose sublingual spray for fentanyl. Unlike multidose sprays, it does not need to be primed, Aptar Pharma reports.

Pierre Carlotti, Vice President Marketing and Communication for Aptar Pharma Prescription Division, stated in a press release: “At Aptar Pharma we are extremely pleased with the recent approval of SubSys, which uses a custom designed Sublingual Unit-Dose Spray device. We look forward to the success of SubSys and INSYS as a serious emerging player in the treatment of breakthrough cancer pain.”

Mike Babich, President and CEO for INSYS commented: “It is amazing to think that when the Subsys project first started, INSYS was a small start-up with just 8 people and a dream. Our initial trust in Aptar Pharma and their collaborative spirit as a delivery and development partner were key in helping to get SubSys to market.”

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