Expiring Medication Packaging Lets You Know When It's Unsafe To Take

I came across this excellent award winning design that demonstrated the Self Expiring concept. This is a packaging material for medicinal products that visually ‘self expires’ over a fixed period of time which will graphically display a ‘not fit for consumption’ message using universally accepted danger signs in regional languages.

Vimal K. Puthiyadath

Imagine you have bad headache or cold and are searching the medicine cabinet and see this package, it is easy to dispose it without even bothering to check the expiry dates.

As mentioned by the designers, the new packaging uses a multi-layered material featuring the standard label layer on top, and a sub-layer with the expiration warning message. In between these layers there is a diffusible material that lets the ink from the bottom layer seep through over time, eventually revealing when the medicines were expired.

Designers Kanupriya Goel and Gautam Goel have envisioned a new type of medication packaging which has won the red dot design excellence award. I believe this can be extended to medical devices packaging too. In addition to the expiry dates any other “ time bound” information that may be required to be displayed for the benefit of caretakers may be implemented this way. What do you think?

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Vimal K. Puthiyadath, Biomedical Electronics Engineer

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