Drug Distributor Extends Subscription for Creating Electronic Pedigrees

Pharmaceutical distributor Dik Drug Co. has renewed its multiple-year subscription to pharmaceutical traceability software and services provided by SupplyScape Corp. Dik extended its license and upgraded to the SupplyScape Nexus to expedite the exchange of pedigrees across the entire supply chain and improve communication with trading partners.

Dik Drug distributes more than 20,000 products; few of these products, however, are received with pedigrees. Dik Drug itself creates pedigrees to provide to its downstream suppliers.

SupplyScape’s SaaS-based solution allows exchange of pedigree information between Dik Drug and other partners without the need of B2B gateway services. “After a long term relationship with SupplyScape, we upgraded to the latest version of E-Pedigree on the Nexus platform to meet our growing business needs and help drive new business,” said Tim Melvin, vice president of distribution and technology, Dik Drug. “Migration was complete in just over a month, and we now have a simplified ability to create, manage and update pedigree information quickly and securely. The streamlined SupplyScape platform allows us to concentrate on our primary business – serving our customers.”
“Since the economic downturn began, reducing operational costs for the pharmaceutical industry has been a crucial component to our business and we have seen a number of companies upgrade to the Nexus platform to make on-ramping with their trading partners as simple and automatic as possible,” said Lucy Deus, vice president of products, SupplyScape. “As companies like Dik Drug continue to improve their ease-of-doing-business, these firms gain a leg up on their rivals in the highly competitive drug distribution business. To support this, we have focused considerable effort in solutions such as Nexus and E-Pedigree to provide capabilities that improve operational flexibility and reduce work.”

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