Delivery System For Abused Meds Earns Patents

Atlantic Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a specialty pharmaceutical company, has announced that new patents have been issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office relating to its tamper-resistant Smart/Script drug delivery platform.
The Smart/Script (smart, simple, controllable, resistant, insoluble, physical trap) is a drug delivery platform designed to prevent easy drug extraction and to deter the abuse of medications via known routes of abuse.
Orally delivered tamper-prone pharmaceuticals are frequently subjected to abuse and misuse via chewing and swallowing or crushing and either snorting or injecting the resultant powdered drug.
A SmartScript formulated dosage increases the time, tools, and sophistication necessary to misuse prescription drugs by oral or non-oral means using a simple and inexpensive physical/chemical component system, the company says on its web site.
In the system, a decrease in drug release from a dose is triggered by physical manipulation. “If the drug is physically destroyed, SmartScript’s inactive ingredients (the Trap) will agglomerate with and may sequester the drug matrix thereby decreasing or slowing the drug diffusion and release out of the dosage form. This agglomeration is analogous to an insect (the drug) immobilized in sap (the Trap),”  the web site says.
"We believe Smart/Scrip  is a unique technology that may have a significant effect on prescription drug abuse and misuse," said Anthony Soscia, president of Atlantic Pharmaceuticals. "These patents further add to our intellectual property portfolio and provide us with extensive coverage until 2028 for our novel, tamper-resistant technology."  
U.S. Patent Nos. 8,187,636 and 8,349,362 contain claims that cover the proprietary tamper-resistant platform which are designed to resist dose dumping of orally delivered opioids and may sequester and reduce drug release of a drug that has been subjected to a variety of physical methods of tampering. The technology can be applied to immediate as well as sustained release drug candidates.
Smart/Script is unique among competitive technologies in that physical tampering of the dosage form may reduce the release rate of the drug from the dosage when subject to certain forms of physical tampering as opposed to increasing it, the company says.
Atlantic’s lead product candidate, ATLP-02, an immediate release oxycodone, is targeted for the relief of moderate to severe pain.
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