DDL East Expands

DDL, a provider of package and product testing services, is expanding its testing facility in Edison, NJ. The company has recently increased its testing capabilities for thermal performance testing and conditioning for thermal testing.

Chamber space at DDL East now includes:

*1200-cu-ft walk-in chamber, capable of up to 6 pallets, with a temperature of 5 degrees C

*1200 cu-ft walk-in chamber, capable of up to 6 pallets, with a temperature range of 30 to 50 degrees C for development projects

*Two 400 cu-ft chambers with temperature ranges of -40 to 60 degrees C

"With the addition of four new temperature chambers at the facility, we will be able to better serve the needs of all our current and new customers for testing projects across the industry," says Peter Johnson, packaging engineer at DDL East. "We also added two Kaye KL 32 Channel Validators calibrated to 0.25 degrees C and 40 remote data loggers calibrated to 0.25 degrees C, which will provide accurate results, with a high degree of sensitivity, when evaluating thermal/temperature-controlled packaging."

DDL has also begun the process of becoming an ISTA 7E certified lab. The new standard for thermal transport testing inlcudes new protocols and standardized processes.

"We have continued to see a need for services in the thermal testing industry and our expansion efforts are allowing us to continually provide the expertise that our clients are looking for," Johnson adds.


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