CSafe Gains New Air Carrier Partner For RKN System

Air Canada has signed a master lease agreement with CSafe LLC (Dayton, OH) to use CSafe’s AcuTemp RKN in its AC Cool Chain solution for meeting healthcare and pharma company needs.
“The AcuTemp RKN will be a great addition to the recently expanded AC Cool Chain solution (as a solution for providing strict temperature control for high-value products during transport),” said Mike Morey, director of marketing and business development, Air Canada.
With the addition of Air Canada, seven airlines are now leasing the active container since its launch two years ago. Sized to fit in the LD3 position of the plane’s cargo hold, the system features active heating and cooling with proprietary high-value insulation.
United Airlines, Continental, Cathy Pacific, JAL, and FedEx are also CSafe customers. These carriers lease the containers from CSafe for subsequent leasing to pharma and biopharma manufactures and freight forwarders. Most other airlines have flown the RKN via direct shipper leases, and lease agreements are in place with nine global freight forwarders adopting the unit, says Brian Kohr, general manager, CSafe.
“We have 60 life sciences companies who have used the container, with a large number of them including the solution in their SOPs. The largest use is for refrigerated shipments, however growth in controlled room temperature (CRT) shipments is about four to five times what we had expected,” Kohr says.
“CRT is difficult to control (in dry-iced-based containers) especially for shipping in cold ambient conditions. Active RKNs based on electrical heating and cooling are gaining market share, though the majority of active boxes available to shippers are still the dry-ice based systems,” Kohr adds.
CSafe has developed a tool for comparing per unit shipping costs of passive packaging versus the RKN. “We have been able to show a significant cost savings. In once instance, the customer moved from 16 passive pallets to five of our containers. Packout time was reduced to 1.5 hours per month versus 32 hours, and they are paying for only five positions on the airplane versus 16,” he says.
The company is finishing development of an accreditation program—EQUiP-- for training and accreditation of shippers, forwarders, and airlines in the use of the unit. The “Enhanced Qualified User Program” will launch in the first quarter 2011.
 “In developing EQUiP, we have talked to the shippers, forwarders, and airlines to get their feedback. At the end of the day, we are focused on 100% successful shipments using the AcuTemp RKN,”  Kohr says.

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