Covidien Helps AmeriCares Provide Hurricane Sandy Relief

AmeriCares reports that it has received more than $100,000 in medical supplies from Covidien to assist victims of Hurricane Sandy. The donated products include diapers, gauze, bandages, and other items. Covidien’s medical products were delivered to the most affected parts of New York and New Jersey, the nonprofit global health and disaster relief organization reports in a press release.

“Covidien’s support has enabled us to quickly and efficiently help communities devastated by Hurricane Sandy,” said AmeriCares Vice President of Corporate Relations Geoff Kneisel, in the release. “Products and medical supplies to help care for infants and elders were some of the most urgently requested items following the storm, and with Covidien’s rapid response we were able to meet those needs.”

Covidien has supported AmeriCares for more than 25 years with donated products and funding. Since Sandy struck, AmeriCares has delivered 84 aid shipments for affected families, bringing medical aid, bottled water, blankets, first aid kits, flashlights, and cleaning supplies. The organization also has a 40-foot mobile clinic assisting healthcare facilities in New York City unable to treat patients because of storm damage and power outages.

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