Covectra’s SmartPhone Technology To Combat Counterfeiting

Covectra (Southborough, MA) is offering a new multi-layered approach to anti-counterfeiting and diversion control to a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, luxury goods, automotive, electronics, and premium beverages. Covectra has made available its new smartphone technology application, Brand Loyalty and Integrity Services (BLIS). The application provides data analysis features that can be used by manufacturers and brand owners to provide increased security, monitor consumer purchase patterns, and provide brand promotional opportunities.

“With this new Covectra application, smartphones can now provide instant access to consumers for authentication, product information and promotion activities,” says Steve Wood, president and CEO, Covectra. “Pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers are able to establish direct links with their patient base to provide valuable product information and updates. The Covectra methodology creates a sophisticated, streamlined capability to identify and prevent product diversion and counterfeiting, which, coupled with the AuthentiTrack software platform, provides a complete portfolio of software and packaging security solutions to protect as well as enhance consumer loyalty to any valuable brand.”

The unique application enables a smartphone to be used to input serialized human readable codes that are unique to a unit package. Once the code is entered into the smartphone, the application checks it against Covectra's AuthentiTrack software platform.

This platform can be used to track the product through all levels of distribution from the point of packaging throughout the supply chain, and ultimately to the consumer. The consumer is then able to verify authenticity, communicate directly with the manufacturer, and enroll in product promotions programs.


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