Congress, Industry Cobble Out New Fed Pedigree Proposal

The Pharmaceutical Distribution Security Alliance said that Congressional leaders have lined up behind a new proposal for a national drug pedigree system.
In a press release, the coalition of more than 30 pharmacy, distributor, logistics, manufacturer, and association members said they applaud members of Congress for their continued efforts to develop a single, uniform national system .
"PDSA greatly appreciates the continued urgency and commitment of many in Congress to enact a single, uniform national system to safeguard our vast pharmaceutical distribution supply chain, as demonstrated earlier today by the release of another bipartisan and bicameral legislative proposal," PDSA Advisor Elizabeth Wroe said.
“We are particularly encouraged that Chairmen Harkin and Upton and ranking members Enzi and Waxman are all sponsors of the latest proposal, indicating the deep commitment Congress has to enacting a single, uniform national system into law this year. We are also grateful for the longstanding support we have had from Senators Bennett and Burr, Congressmen Bilbray and Matheson and other lawmakers in both the House and Senate.
"It is essential that Congress enact a single, uniform national supply chain system by the end of this year to better safeguard consumers and to prevent us from having a patchwork quilt of unaligned and potentially conflicting state laws that will fail to thoroughly protect patients and will levy unnecessary burdens on supply chain stakeholders.
"We look forward to reviewing the latest proposal and to working with Congress and other stakeholders to develop final language that protects the public's health and that can be enacted into law by the end of this year” Wroe said.
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