Colbert Packaging Introduces the Next Generation of EnviroGuard

Colbert Packaging Corporation unveils the next generation of its EnviroGuard sustainable packaging solution. Colbert has reengineered EnviroGuard with design improvements that offer dozens of new material options and combinations that increase design flexibility for customers, while continuing to deliver sustainability, security, durability, and branding benefits for consumer products that are commonly found in the retail aisle.
EnviroGuard was originally developed in 2006 as the fully recyclable sister product to BlisterGuard, Colbert’s secure and sustainable packaging solution and popular alternative to plastic clamshells. BlisterGuard is designed to reduce the use of petroleum-based plastics by up to 70% while retaining the tear-resistance found in clamshells, whereas EnviroGuard was initially designed to be made entirely of tear-resistant paperboard and free of all plastics. New design improvements made to EnviroGuard now enable customers to use any combination of solid bleached sulfate paperboard, corrugate and even small amounts of plastic. EnviroGuard also offers new flexibility in how the ribbed tray is structured.
“The former EnviroGuard design was limited both in its paperboard requirements and in the way the ribbed paperboard tray was integrated,” says Glenn Grosskopf, vice president of product development for Colbert. “Customers now have the option of incorporating other materials into the design and also integrating flat paperboard on the front or back of the package to customize their use of the tray. The original EnviroGuard design is one of the many options available, but the design combinations are now virtually limitless, while the same benefits remain strong.”
The reengineered design enables Colbert customers to create a fully customizable version of EnviroGuard based on their product needs, while finding their perfect balance of package security and sustainability. It offers increased rigidity, which adds security, and an improved product to package ratio. By design, EnviroGuard provides a large printable area that helps manufacturers achieve better shelf presentation and brand awareness for their products.

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