Cobra Biologics to Share Project on Minimizing Loss During Fill-Finish Operations at PDA Event

At PDA's "Universe of Pre-Filled Syringes and Injection Devices" conference in November, contract manufacturer Cobra Biologics will detail efforts to minimize loss during fill-and-finish operations in the poster presentation, “Minimising Drug Product Losses in Small Volume Aseptic Filling.” Cobra provides aseptic manufacture for all phases of clinical development.

To better accommodate high-value, small-volume filling, a project was initiated to modify the fill process with the aim of minimising product losses, Cobra reported in a statement. "Careful mapping of the fill process followed by changes in the working procedures and the choice of disposable fluid flow paths, resulted in a more than 10-fold decrease in product waste," it reported.

"Successful improvement of the process, based on a commercially available system, ensures that a maximum product yield is available for filling and lyophilisation, a factor especially important for small batches of high value drug product," Cobra explained.

Cobra’s acquired its fill-finish facility from UniTech Pharma at the end of 2011, adding to its service offering to include sterile drug product production and freeze drying / lyophilisation for a wide range of batch sizes from 1 to 200 litres. Cobra uses fully disposable systems for increased flexibility for pre-clinical, clinical, and commercial manufacture. Products can be filled in either single-use syringes (0.5 ml – 3 ml) or vials (0.5 ml – 100 ml).

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The PDA conference will be held in Basel, 5-6 November 2013.

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