Clondalkin Pharma and Healthcare North America Installs New Press in Charlotte, NC

Clondalkin Pharma and Healthcare North America's pharmaceutical packaging production facility in Charlotte, NC, has increased capacity and color capability thanks to the installation of an eight-color Man Roland 708 perfecting press with in-line foil applicator. The PS9000-compliant facility manufactures folded cartons for pharmaceutical and healthcare secondary packaging applications requiring brand security, sustainability, and structural design solutions. 

“As a forward thinking and customer focused business, investment in equipment that provides our customers access to the best quality products is of paramount importance to us," stated Kevin Kenjarski, VP of Sales & Marketing at Clondalkin Pharma and Healthcare North America, in a press release. "In the past six years, we have invested $300 million in our Pharma and Healthcare packaging business, to drive our customer service capabilities. We offer our customers the most comprehensive network of accredited plants with 17 production sites in North America and Europe. All of these plants are well invested and are leading standard setters for the industry offering distinctive innovation and service capabilities. Working together, the extensive production network promotes specialization and development of excellence centers to ensure best practice delivery every time. ”

Clondalkin Group's Pharmaceutical and Healthcare division is a global supplier of printed components dedicated to producing cartons, labels, and literature that fully comply with cGMP guidelines, the company reports. It maintains 17 facilities, with nine in North America. For more information, visit


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