Chesapeake Undertakes More than 100 Sustainability Projects

Chesapeake, a manufacturer of folding cartons, leaflets, and labels as well as plastic bottles and containers, has launched a new environmental management initiative, the "Chesapeake 100." All of Chesapeake’s 40 operations have been charged with new environmental related initiatives during 2011, generating more than 100 annual sustainability projects that will help to reduce energy consumption, water and chemical usage, waste, and emissions. These initiatives will also help to improve packaging design, supply-chain efficiencies, vehicle fill levels, and environmental management systems.

Phillip Adams, director of CSR, said in a press release, “As a responsible global supplier of packaging solutions, we recognize that, due to our scale, making even the smallest changes can deliver impressive results. As a consequence we have launched the ‘Chesapeake 100’ project – a positive way to ensure our business reduces the environmental impact of its world-wide operations.”

Projects vary, but a typical example can be seen in a recent initiative to change the liner material for self-adhesive labels from a glassine backing to PET, the company shared in the release. "This material is recyclable allowing the liner to be reprocessed into a range of consumer goods including disposable drinks containers, coat-hangers, and fleece jackets," it reported.

Added Adams: “We receive a growing number of requests from our customers to confirm Chesapeake’s position in relation to our environmental objectives and targets. In response, the ‘Chesapeake 100’ will group together all the environmental projects across our business and allow us to respond to these requests in a coordinated and professional manner.”

A data sheet outlining the background and objectives of the ‘Chesapeake 100’ is available in five languages (Eng / F / D / NL & PL) and a copy can be downloaded by visiting

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