Catalent Pharma Solutions Facility Celebrates 50th

Catalent Pharma Solutions is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its Schorndorf, Germany, facility specializing in modified release technologies and clinical supply services.
“We are extremely proud of Schorndorf’s rich 50-year history and proven excellence in providing a full-range of services and innovative solutions to meet the increasingly complex needs of our customers,” stated Ian Muir, PhD, President, Modified Release Technologies, Catalent Pharma Solutions, in a press release. “Our focus on reliability combined with our diverse employee base, and long-term customer partnerships, have made us successful in broadening Schorndorf’s roots and optimizing our offerings.”
The Schorndorf facility works with global pharmaceutical companies such as Lilly. “Over the years Lilly has established an enduring partnership with Catalent Germany Schorndorf GmbH,” said Sherman Whitfield, Director in Office of Alliance Management of Lilly, in the release.
The Catalent Germany Schorndorf GmbH facility began in 1961 as Allpack, growing through a focus on the pharmaceutical industry. In 2000 the facility doubled its Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) production space; in 2005 it built a new distribution center for clinical trial medication in 2005 and later doubled the laboratory in 2010.
“We are committed to providing reliable services to our customers for more products and better treatment. Catalent will continue to invest in the Schorndorf facility and has begun construction work to double the clinical supply warehouse capacity,” stated Peter Brun, General Manager of Clinical Supply Services at the Catalent Germany Schorndorf GmbH facility, in the press release.
“A good reputation and confidence in the capability of a service provider are particularly vital in the pharmaceutical industry,” added Eric Schmidhaeuser, General Manager of Modified Release Technologies at the Catalent Germany Schorndorf GmbH facility. “These assets can be earned only through reliable supply, excellent quality and innovative solutions that lead to customer satisfaction. Fifty years of Catalent Germany Schorndorf GmbH are testament to this standard of excellence.”
The Schorndorf facility hosted a full-day celebration March 10 that included facility tours, a visit to the Mercedes-Benz museum, and a gala dinner. John Chiminski, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Catalent Pharma Solutions, sp[oke, along with Ian Muir, President of Modified Release Technologies; Scott Houlton, President of the Development and Clinical Services business; the mayor of Schorndorf, Matthias Klopfer; and Bernd Würsching, Director of Production Planning at Porsche AG.

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