Butterfly Pack Introduced for Single-Handed Dispensing

Ampac has debuted a unit-dose package called the Butterfly Pack. Developed for single-handed dispensing using a sachet format, it is made from two high-barrier films: a flexible top web and a semi-rigid forming web. Ampac is the only approved film supplier by Canada-based EasyPack Solutions, which holds the exclusive rights to market the technology in North America. Knowlton Development Corp. in Quebec provides contract manufacturing for production and filling of Butterfly Pack for health and beauty products.

By squeezing the opposite edges toward each other, the Butterfly Pack folds and snaps open to provide an engineered and controlled release of the contents.


According to a release issued by Ampac, features and benefits of the Butterfly Pack include accurate product dosing, which can eliminate product overfill; controlled dispensing, which can minimize accidental spills; lower costs compared with that of bottles and tubes; and improved image quality compared with that of hard-to-open sachets.

Machinery used for production of the Butterfly Pack is the EasySnap 3 Machine, which is an automatic vertical form-fill-seal machine with three lanes, which forms the four-sided sealed package. The package can be used for all types of liquids and flowable wet products, including lotions, cleaners, shampoos, hand sanitizers, and more.

“We are pleased to provide innovative packaging solutions like the Butterfly Pack," said Ampac’s Director of Innovation Sal Pellingra in the release. "This is a very unique innovation combining rigid and flexible barrier films into a consumer friendly dispensing sachet that is convenient and fun to use.”

Ampac has 12 manufacturing centers in North America, Europe, and Asia employing approximately 1,300 people.

For more information, visit Ampac’s website at: www.ampaconline.com.

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