Bosch Packaging Bestows Bosch Name To Eisai Subsidiaries

Bosch Packaging Technology has completed the next step in the integration process of its subsidiary Eisai Machinery into the worldwide Bosch network. As of January 1, 2013, the Eisai Machinery companies in Germany, China, and North America were renamed to Bosch Inspection Technology. At the same time, Bosch Packaging Technology K.K. in Japan and its Japanese subsidiary Eisai Machinery Co., Ltd. completed their merger into Bosch Packaging Technology K.K.
Inspection technology is used in the area of liquid pharmaceuticals, for instance with ampoules, pre-filled syringes or vials, as well as in the production of solid pharmaceuticals such as tablets. The name Eisai Machinery remains unchanged for the present as a product brand of Bosch Packaging Technology.

As a result of the incorporation, Bosch Packaging Technology K.K. now runs offices in Tokyo and Osaka and production sites in Funabashi and Honjo. The merger further strengthens Bosch's position in the Japanese market.
“By bundling our competencies, uniting our employees,l and consolidating our portfolios, we make use of the existing synergies. We are certain that both our customers and Bosch will greatly benefit from the integration,” Joachim Baczewski, president of Bosch Packaging Technology K.K. in Japan, explained.

Long before the acquisition of Eisai Machinery by Bosch in April 2012, both companies maintained successful business relationships and completed many joint projects. Newly merged Bosch Packaging Technology K.K. benefits from those experiences and long established customer relations.
 “We will synchronize the advantages we have on both sides to develop even better solutions for our customers,” said Kenji Hanawa, former President of Eisai Machinery Co., Ltd., who has taken on the position as Vice President Inspection Technology.
 Bosch aims at becoming the number one partner for processing, packaging and inspection technology, as well as retail and after-market service in Japan. The merger is an important step in this direction.

In parallel with the merger in Japan, Eisai Machinery sites in Germany, China and North America have been renamed to Bosch Inspection Technology.  “The renaming underlines our strategy of offering highest inspection technology competence from one source,” Baczewski explained. Customers from both Bosch and Eisai Machinery will continue to receive the accustomed machinery range and product quality.

Bosch Packaging Technology offers a comprehensive inspection technology portfolio, ranging from manual to semi-automated and fully automated solutions for particle and cosmetic inspection of vials, ampoules, syringes and tablets, leak detection as well as x-ray technology for capsule inspection. All companies are thus integrated into the worldwide network of Bosch, supplying their regional markets and offering customers best service on-site. The wide range of products and the global network both fit perfectly with the strategy of diversification and internationalization of the Bosch division, the company said in a press release.
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