BD Diagnostics Launches Microtainer MAP tube

BD Diagnostics’ (Franklin Lakes, NJ) newly launched Microtube for Automated Process (MAP) improves safety, accuracy, and turnaround time of capillary blood collection and testing in patients with fragile veins. The BD Microtainer MAP tube is the first microtube to be fully compatible with most automated hematology instruments, reducing turnaround time and costs associated with sample transfer and relabeling.

"Clinical laboratories are focused on preventing specimen identification errors that can lead to misdiagnosis of patients,” says Tom Polen, president, BD Diagnostics — Preanalytical Systems. “We at BD are pleased to introduce the BD Microtainer MAP product to address this healthcare issue. BD is committed to continuing our history of innovation in helping improve patient safety and healthcare worker safety, while enhancing workflow efficiency.”

The BD Microtainer MAP tube is the first low-volume collection system to accommodate standard, full-size patient identification labels, thus reducing the risk of labeling errors. This feature offers a significant improvement over traditional microcollection tubes, which are incompatible with standard labels due to their size. This disparity can lead to dangerous labeling errors that may result in misdiagnosis and incorrect patient treatment.

The preanalytical phase is a critical step in the diagnostic process, with significant effects on patient health, healthcare worker safety, and workflow efficiencies. Historically, low-volume capillary blood collection has increased test result turnaround time due to incompatibility with automated testing instruments and a higher risk of patient identification errors.

The innovative design of the BD Microtainer MAP tube enables automated processing with 81% less blood than venous systems, improving test turnaround time and laboratory efficiency. This is a critical improvement for patients from whom it is difficult to obtain a sufficient blood sample to perform critical diagnostic tests.

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