Aptar Pharma Displayed Twister for DPIs at Pharmapack Europe

At Pharmapack Europe 2013, Aptar Pharma Prescription Division presented Twister, its new device for capsule-based dry-powder inhaler (DPI) applications. Adam M. Shain, associate director, business development, Aptar Pharma Prescription Division spoke about Twister at the Pharmapack Europe conference on February 14. “Aptar Pharma is very pleased to present Twister at Pharmapack Europe," says Shain. "This device is designed to fulfill regional needs for a simpler and cost effective solution to deliver dry powder to the lungs. Twister is the latest member of our comprehensive range of drug delivery solutions, available worldwide for the pharmaceutical industry’s treatments of asthma and COPD.”


Twister delivers the capsule's contents in three steps: patients insert the capsule, twist the device, and inhale. Twister is transparent, allowing the capsule and powder to be seen in the device as they are processed, Aptar Pharma reports. Such visual cues along with audible feedback during inhalation guide the patient.

Twister was developed by an international Aptar Pharma project team started in France and continued in China, where industrial manufacturing now takes place. It has been registered as a medical device by the sFDA and is molded and assembled in a class ISO 7 cleanroom at the Aptar Pharma production facility in Suzhou, China.

DPIs represent 50% of the total asthma/COPD market by value worldwide, with most growth seen historically in the United States and Europe, Aptar Pharma reports. The company anticipates that such growth will also be seen fast growing markets, driven by the healthcare reforms that are making asthma and COPD diagnosis and medication more available to patients, Aptar Pharma reports.

Aptar Pharma is part of the Aptargroup family of companies, along with Aptar Beauty + Home and Aptar Food + Beverage. For more information, visit www.aptar.com/pharma.

Pharmapack Europe was held in Paris, France, from February 13th to February 14th, 2013.

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