Anticipating Industry’s Needs for Outserts

Haapanen Brothers Inc. (Gurnee, IL), a complete graphics and printing resource for commercial and pharmaceutical markets, has invested in a Vijuk–G&K V-14 Miniature/Commercial Folder installed in August and a Vijuk MV-11 Double-Knife Outsert System to be installed in October by Vijuk Equipment Inc. (Elmhurst, IL).

President Jerry Haapanen says, “Providing services that match our customers’ expectations is a top priority, and the V-14 folder does just that. We now have the capability of folding small inserts with ease and speed. In the first two weeks of owning the machine, we’ve folded over a half million pieces on it.”

The new MV-11, which folds outserts with more panels and more compression, is adding to Haapanen’s present outsert production.

From the left, vice president of sales Matthew Haapanen, vice president of operations Jonathan Haapanen, and president Jerry Haapanen, by one of the company’s Vijuk MV-05 Outsert systems.

“It’s all about anticipation,” says Jerry Haapanen, describing how his company began folding outserts. “About six years ago, while printing promotional sheets for a large Midwest pharma manufacturer to which outserts were tipped, we learned they would be in need of a great number of outserts under a very strict timeline.

“Researching and evaluating the situation, we were confident we could satisfy their time frame, and we ordered our first outsert-folding system, an MV-97, from Vijuk,” he adds. “With Vijuk’s training, we were ready for production by the time we received their first job. Our ability to meet the manufacturer’s deadline won us many other jobs.” Haapanen was honored with a “Supplier Excellence” award from that manufacturer in 2009 and 2010.

Founded in 1984 with the mission to “Provide our customer with what they want, when they want it, and at a fair price,” Haapanen has grown into a 65-employee company housed in a 50,000-sq-ft facility. Says Haapanen, “Around 75% of our work is pharma-related, and of that, 40% is insert/outsert production. Through referrals, we now serve several other pharma clients.”
Haapanen produces promotional and marketing materials for its pharma clients. “We do large quantities of mailers; ‘flash cards,’ which are 8½ x 11 in. sheets with tipped-on outserts, and die-cut pocket folders with inserts,” reports Haapanen.

Haapanen now has the capabilities to complete promotional projects from design to prepress, to press to finishing, to fulfillment or delivery; whether it requires die cutting, gluing, tipping, stitching, drilling, padding, or inserting, they can do it in-house. The company’s history in commercial printing gives it the advantage of a large 28 x 40 press size with 4-color process and multicolor capabilities with varnishing or coating options. It also offers digital printing, adding variable data to the mix.

The new Vijuk MV-11 Double Knife Outsert System, which folds outserts with up to 170 panels as small as 1⅛ x 1⅛ in. will be the sixth Vijuk outsert system for Haapanen. Each outsert system was ordered in anticipation of a change in customer or industry needs, and each still serves its purpose, owing to the varying requirements of their customers. “We have produced millions of outserts starting with 8½ x 19½ sheets and folding them down to 2¾ x 1¼ in. outserts with 56 panels, or 16 x 27 in. sheets and folding them down to 3 x 1¾ in. with 100 panels. Larger fonts are required on promotional inserts and outserts than on PIs (package inserts), so many are as large as 20 x 39½, folded down to 2¾ x 5¾ in. with 150 panels.”

“The MV-11 Double Knife will give us the capability to make outserts with 170 panels,” continues Haapanen. “When our clients’ needs require it, we can upgrade it to an MV-11 Triple Knife to fold outserts with up to 238 panels by merely adding a knife unit and a pressing unit. We are committed to investing in the industry’s best and latest equipment to meet our client’s changing specifications or expectations. Our success is dependent on their success.”

“Vijuk machines are incredibly reliable and very fast considering the number of folds per cycle, and the quality of the finished product has never been an issue. We have the advantage of proximity for immediate service, and appreciate that Joe Vijuk has been a huge supporter of Haapanen Brothers. Good relationships with our vendors ease our production challenges,” concludes Haapanen.

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