AndersonBrecon Cited For Serialization Technology

AndersonBrecon announced it has become the first company to secure two awards in the same year at this year’s European Outsourcing Awards Madrid, Spain.
The company earned awards in the Best New Product category for its serialisation solutions and in the Outsourcing Executive of the Year category recognizing managing director Peter Belden’s achievements during the realignment of UK-based Brecon Pharmaceuticals and US-based Anderson Packaging to become AndersonBrecon earlier this year.
Launched in 2005, the EOAs recognize significant developments in outsourced services and acknowledge successful companies for their outstanding contributions and achievements throughout the year.
AndersonBrecon was awarded the ‘Best New Product’ accolade for its innovative end-to-end serialisation technology which provides a solution in the fight against counterfeit medicines.
AndersonBrecon’s Peter Belden was cited for his pivotal role in guiding the global rebrand of Brecon Pharmaceuticals and Anderson Packaging.  Throughout the rebrand, Peter worked closely with the company’s parent company, AmerisourceBergen, to build the foundation for a global healthcare packaging partner, while at the same time ensuring that customers and staff were fully informed throughout every stage of the process.
“We are delighted to be recognised with wins in two categories in the prestigious EOA awards. Throughout the year we have worked with diligence to build the foundation for a truly global healthcare packaging partner, while still, most importantly, maintaining the staff, expertise, commitment, knowledge-base and warmth that our customers have known and relied on for many years,”  Belden said.
“On top of this, we are thrilled to receive acknowledgement of our serialisation technology, something which we strongly believe will provide a solution to one of the industry’s biggest and most documented challenges.”
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