AmeriCares Delivering Medical Aid to the Philippines

Antibiotics, wound care items, pain relievers, and other medical supplies for typhoon survivors were shipped by AmeriCares and are expected to arrive in the Philippines on Thursday, the company reported in a press release. More aid shipments are underway.

“There are widespread shortages of medicines – the hospitals still standing have nothing left on the shelves,” said AmeriCares Vice President of Emergency Response Garrett Ingoglia in the release. “The floods destroyed most of their supplies just as demand is spiking with injured survivors seeking help. And with the water supply compromised in many areas there is an increased risk of waterborne diseases.”

AmeriCares is working with partner organizations to restock hospitals and clinics and supply medical professionals working in the affected areas, it reported.

AmeriCares has delivered aid to the Philippines since 1985 and has a network of contacts throughout the country that supports 150 health care facilities. So far it has delivered more than $229 million in humanitarian aid to the Philippines including relief supplies for survivors of last month’s deadly earthquake. 

To donate to AmeriCares Philippines Disaster Relief Fund go to or call 1(800)486-HELP.

Since it was established in 1982, AmeriCares has distributed more than $11 billion in humanitarian aid to 164 countries, it reports.

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