AlpVision Offers Instant Finger Print Solution

AlpVision SA has announced  instant “on the fly” genuine-or-fake authentication of molded parts with an iPhone4 application. Using AlpVision’s Fingerprint technology, a regular Apple iPhone4 equipped with the AlpVision “Genuine or Fake” detection application is sufficient to verify the authenticity of a molded part anywhere anytime.
The anti-counterfeiting solution does not need any additional marking of the molded part and its use is very intuitive, the company said in a statement.
After selection of a product type, for example a 300 ml container, and a mold cavity number which is visible on the item, an overlaid shape appears on the iPhone4 screen. Then the user has only to position the iPhone4 to match the overlaid shape with the item to be verified. If the item is genuine, a beep sounds and a message appears on screen.
A Genuine-or-Fake verification takes usually about 3 seconds, most of which is taken up by the time it takes to pick up the item and position the iPhone over it. This performance is achieved through the iPhone4 application working in real-time at a rate of 10 detections per second; similar to reading a barcode with a laser scanner.
The application is suitable for many items including for fast-moving consumer goods containers for liquid, powder, or tablets. The authentication processes will allow branded products manufacturers to multiply the number of verifications made worldwide through provision of the iPhone4 application via online download.
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