Almac Doubles Capacity at North Carolina Facility

The Almac Group has completed a 67,000-sq-ft expansion to its North Carolina facility in Durham, which now houses both the Clinical Services and Diagnostics Divisions. This additional facility, along with existing capacity, will increase the Durham campus to almost 138,000 sq ft and provide 3000 extra pallet locations for clinical supplies storage requirements.

Almac Clinical Services first occuppied the additional building on the campus in February 2008 and have since
added a 30,000-sq-ft warehouse complete with two new loading docks. Staff from Almac Diagnostics’ nearby facility in Durham have relocated to the site and are engaged in research activity across a wide-range of projects.

This expansion has greatly increased storage capacity for clinical supplies with an additional 3,000 pallet locations and is part of global growth across the Almac Group in recent months. This includes the completion of a specialist clinical supplies storage facility in Craigavon, U.K., and the ongoing development of a 240,000-sq-ft North American headquarters facility in Pennsylvania to be completed in 2010. This new facility will initially house Clinical Services and Clinical Technologies operations with expansion from other divisions in the Almac Group.

The new facility in Durham was built to accommodate increased demand in outsourcing of clinical supply
management services from Biotech and Pharma organizations. It will also ensure synergies between Clinical
Services and Diagnostics.

Donna Christopher, vice president of operations at Almac Clinical Services, Durham, said: “This latest investment by Almac will act as a platform for us to serve the increasing demands of our client base who are seeking faster routes to get their products through the clinical development process. We now have 200 employees at our North Carolina operations, which is more than five times the number we had when we first started out in 1998 with a team of 35. With more than 20 years experience in clinical supply management, Almac is recognized as a strategic partner in the clinical supply process by most of the world’s pharma and biotech companies. This increase in capacity is a sign of our commitment to offer market driven solutions to our customers.”

Almac is a privately owned organization with more than 2500 employees and is headquartered in Craigavon, Northern Ireland, where it was awarded "Business of the Year 2009." U.S. operations are in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and California.

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