All-in-One Blister Machine for Medium Batches

Uhlmann Packaging Systems has introduced its new Blister Express Center 500 (BEC 500) featuring integrated blister and carton machinery for producing up to 500 blisters and 500 cartons per minute. The line is prepared for item serialization both for individual blisters as well as cartons.

“With the new BEC 500, Uhlmann closed the gap between the BEC 300 and our high-speed blister lines B1660 and B1880,” explains Juergen Walser, product manager, Uhlmann Packaging Systems. “The market for the medium-speed blister lines is actually the biggest one, and it was important for Uhlmann to have a perfect solution in this market segment. The BEC500 meets all requests like flexibility, quick line clearance, high output, compact design, and last but not least a very attractive price/performance ratio.”

Uhlmann believes that the double-lane system, which measures less then 10 meters long, will suit a wide range of standard solid-dose products. “The benefit of a double-lane production is the combination of flexibility and high output achievable. In combination with a wide index, it guarantees high output across a wide variety of blister sizes, but with lower tool costs when compared with a three-lane operation system,” says Walser. The BEC 500 is designed for oral solid dose applications, with a maximum deep draw of 12 mm for PVC and 11 mm for aluminum.

Available with rotary or platen sealing, the BEC 500 can process complex shapes, rigid aluminum pockets, calendar packs, and other non-traditional packages. Featuring a simplified format changeover process, the BEC 500 can be changed over by a single person in just 30 minutes without the use of tools. Uhlmann’s new SmartControl operating system guides users through each step of the format changeover.

Blisters are transferred smoothly to the cartoning module, which can handle all standard carton-closing systems, including tuck-in and hot-melt. Custom additions include an additional feeder for inserts, a checkweigher, and an end-of-line packaging machine. Inspection and marking systems such as Uhlmann’s Track & Trace, can also be integrated for 100% inline monitoring.
The BEC 500’s open design eases machine supervision, while operating-side access to various stations permits material charging and servicing.

The BEC500 replaces the very successful UPS1030MT and C2205 family, Walser reports. “The BEC 500 is paying tribute to the market requirements to handle small lot sizes efficiently. It raises the bar to a new level in terms of efficiency, change over time, and repeatability. It is also the first line featuring our new SMART control HMI. It is an intuitive HMI, which makes operating the BEC 500 as easy as using your iPhone,” he says.

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