AFA Systems Launches Integrated Cartoner, Robot

AFA Systems has developed a new Delta 3 Robot to integrate with its cartoning solutions. The MK-DLT Integrated Delta 3 Robotic Cartoner utilizes a Delta 3 robot that is designed and manufactured by AFA Systems.
The robot is mounted above the cartoner to provide accurate collation of product off either an indexing or continuous moving conveyor. An integrated AFA platform for motion and machine control offers one programming environment for operators. In addition, other benefits are provided to the end user including reduced training costs, easier troubleshooting and reduced maintenance costs, the company said in a press release.
The key innovation behind the MK-DLT is that the Delta 3 robot and the cartoner are controlled by an Allen Bradley platform. Traditional integrated Delta 3 robotic cartoners will typically employ two control systems: one for the cartoner and one for the Delta 3 Robot. This means that operators will have to be familiar with two control systems which increases training and maintenance cost.
With the MK-DLT, one integrated platform is used to control both the cartoner and the Delta 3 Robot. In addition, the AFA Delta 3 Robot is highly flexible as it can handle multiple product types and reach speeds of up to 300 pick and placements per minute. Integrated vision system can be included on the system to ensure very accurate pick and placements, the company said.
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