Wrappers Seal, Protect, and Unitize

Wrappers can be used for barrier protection or to help promote sales.

Wrapping machines seal pharmaceutical and medical packages, but their purpose extends beyond providing a protective layer of film. Wrappers can combine two packages into one for ease of use or for promotional purposes. Many machines can be customized for special uses or containers of unusual sizes or shapes; another machine offers package unwrapping capability.

Automatic wrapping and banding machines handle a wide variety of products at speeds of up to 150 packages per minute. The Smabo T series can overwrap single products or groups of products with a complete six-sided wrap with a bottom seal or a band. The machines can be customized to meet customers' specific requirements, including handling products larger than standard sizes. Marchesini Packaging Machinery Inc., West Caldwell, NJ.

A shrinkbundler collates, unitizes, wraps, and safeguards a wide array of packaging products. The Classic shrinkbundler is suited for pharmaceutical product packaging. The system automatically collates and packages containers or cartons into a unitized bundle that is protected against label marring. Standard features include compact design, welded plate construction, machined seal bar, variable machine speed, powered film unwind system, SCR-controlled infeed conveyor, microprocessor-based temperature controller, and PLC controls. Omega Design Corp., Exton, PA.

High-speed, hermetic wrapping is offered for a wide range of products. The HBL and HSL wrappers can be used in continuous three-shift operations. The noncontact infeed of the HBL and HSL wrappers allows for automatic feeding of products. Equipment options include gas flushing, easy opening features, USDA and 3A design, auto film splicing, and touch screen man-machine interface. SIG Pack Systems Division, Raleigh, NC.

Wrapping equipment is suitable for use in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. A company offers Versoflow 120, 120W, 210, and 230-4SS machines as well as Flowtronic 120, 120SE, 120W, and 410 machines. The Versoflow 230-4SS produces flat pouches sealed on all four sides; these packages offer hermetic seals and can be sterilized. The Flowtronic machines are electronic; they offer midrange speeds of up to 400 pieces per minute. GEI International Inc., Exton, PA.

A horizontal wrapper can be adapted to meet individual wrapping requirements. The Linium 301 machine is compact and rugged. It can overwrap products in flexible packaging material for protection during distribution and retail display. The Linium 301 can be modified for hand-feed operations or can be supplied with automated feeding. Doboy Div., SIG Pack International AG, New Richmond, WI.

A continuous-motion turret overwrapper provides smooth, precise operation at speeds of up to 100 packages per minute. The Model 730 can overwrap a large range of package sizes using a variety of heat-sealing films, including polypropylene, cellophane, or paper. The machine features a ball-bearing construction and tubular steel frame; a PLC ensures consistent, reliable performance. Scandia Packaging Machinery, Clifton, NJ.

A high-speed shrink-unwrapping system automates what previously has been a labor-intensive activity: the unwrapping of bundles of glass vials and placing them on a filling line. The system accepts wrapped bundles, automatically cuts the wrap, strips the wrapper, and delivers the vials to an accumulator for storage and single filing to the filling line. The shrink wrap is discharged into a receptacle for disposal. Also included is an automatic down vial reject device that removes any vials that may have fallen during the process and prevents them from jamming the downstream equipment. Garvey Corp., Blue Anchor, NJ.

A high-output wrapper is designed to meet high standards of hygiene and to produce high-integrity seals. The Integra Flowpak HFFS wrapper is mechanically simple and uses multiaxis servo drive technology to provide a high degree of flexibility. A push-button dwell time, 30-product-size memory, machine diagnostics, and full management statistics are standard features. The machine also reduces waste with its "no product, no bag" and "misplaced product" features. Rose Forgrove Inc., St. Charles, IL.

A bag opening, filling, sealing, and shrink packaging system is available for wicketed printed or plain shrink bags as well as plain polyethylene bags. The system consists of an air-operated bag loader (Model SBP-SS-AA-16) combined with a horizontal continuous band sealer (Model HCBS). The bag loader accommodates bags up to 11 in. wide and can open bags at a rate of up to 36 bags per minute. The band sealer offers odorless and smokeless sealing with a 1/8-in. secure final seal and trim. All Packaging Machinery Corp., Ronkonkoma, NY.

A lap seal system is designed to overwrap individual products completely at speeds of up to 140 wraps per minute. The RM25 high-speed rotary motion lap seal system forms 12-in.-wide horizontal cross seals. It is suitable for packaging applications that require moisture protection, extended shelf life, and an attractive packaging appearance. The RM25 features continuous motion operation, a compact design, 3-in.-high product maximum and 3-in.-long product minimum, bottom overlap with static or hot air, adjustable film former, two-roll film rack, and central lubrication. Great Lakes Corp., Chicago, IL.

Polywrapping and shrink wrapping systems are designed to be flexible and durable. Equipment can wrap in poly or paper incorporating static, longitudinal, hot glue, and side seal variations. The equipment can be adapted for printed film registration and inkjet printing on either paper or polywrap. It can also be adjusted for variable height products and can be designed with product flipover and shrink-wrap capabilities. Sitma USA Inc., St. Paul, MN.

Heat-shrink sleeving machinery works at speeds of up to 500 units per minute. Shrink tunnels are available in a variety of sizes and lengths and are appropriate for most applications and line speeds. Most models are convection type, and steam tunnels are offered for special applications. Custom-designed machinery is available for unique sleeving applications. PDC International Corp., South Norwalk, CT.

A heat-shrink wrapper is designed to be affordable and easy to use. Machines are designed to fit a variety of product needs. Quick Pack models include the Flashpack, Quickpack, Maxipack, Megapack, and Supermega. Seal area dimensions range from 12 x 18 in. to 36 x 62 in.; the maximum pack dimensions range from 10 x 16 x 6 in. to 35 x 60 x 10 in. Penta Pack, Miami, FL.

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